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The History of Wisconsin Art Exhibition: A Creative Place

January 22, 2022 - May 8, 2022

The History of Wisconsin Art Exhibition: A Creative Place traces the artistic impact of art and artists from the caves of prehistory through the periods of French-Canadian exploration, British occupation, American territorial settlement and statehood through the twentieth century. 

The exhibition will be predominantly educational and informative, focusing on the state’s rich artistic history. Examples of important artwork will highlight notable stylistic trends and movements within the state’s artistic evolution. The History of Wisconsin Art Exhibition is presented chronologically among the museum’s seven galleries:

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  1. Native Presence: Before 1634

  2. Encounters and Settlement: 1634-1869

  3. The Great Cultural Expansion: 1870-1917

  4. Transitioning from European Ideals to America’s Regional Interests: 1918-1944

  5. The Post-War Period: 1945-1964

  6. Activism and Innovation in the Visual Arts: 1965-1980

  7. The Last Decades of the Twentieth Century: 1981-2000

Tom Lidtke

Annemarie Sawkins

This exhibition celebrates the completion of a new benchmark in Wisconsin history: the first publication to encompass the 13,000 year history of art in Wisconsin. The book A Creative Place: The History of Wisconsin Art by authors Thomas Lidtke and Annemarie Sawkins and published by the Cedarburg Art Museum elevates art to its rightful place in the proud culture of our state.


The exhibition is curated by Ric Hartman, avid collector of historic Wisconsin artwork and owner of the Gallery of Wisconsin Art – www.GalleryofWisconsinArt.com.