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Upcoming Exhibitions

Staycation: Oil Painting by Marc Anderson

April 20 to July 16, 2023
Opening Reception: Friday, April 21st from 5 PM to 8 PM

As an artist who travels the country to paint the landscape, Marc Anderson has gained a greater appreciation for the unique and breathtaking scenery that Wisconsin has to offer. The body of work exhibited in Staycation will highlight and celebrate those qualities through careful observation and documentation of the Wisconsin landscape in oil on canvas. 

_Holdfast_ 30x40 Oil 2022.jpg
_Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Canvas Boat Bimini_ 30x40 Oil 2021.jpg

Marc Anderson, Holdfast, Oil, 2022. 

Marc Anderson, "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Canvas Boat Bimini" Oil, 2021. 

_Cave Point_ 24x34 Oil 2021.jpg

Marc Anderson, Cave Point, Oil,  2021. 

Paul Yank: His Genius
Sculpture & Prints

May 18 to September 24, 2023
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 20 from 3 PM to 5:30 PM 
Paul Yank in Cedarburg Studio (1).jpeg
Paul Yank Centaur (1).jpg

Paul Yank was first and foremost an incredibly talented sculptor. His ability to think and create three-dimensionally was where his true genius lived. As Yank’s body aged during his late career, he focused on printmaking and used it as a vehicle to continue realizing his three-dimensional inspirations. His unique approach to printmaking, drawing, and painting was always sculptural in nature. In this exhibition, a selection of Yank’s prolific oeuvre will be featured, representing his high level of expertise in both sculpture and printmaking. 

Paul Yank Torso right side (1).jpg

Yank purchased the Weber Brewery Complex in Cedarburg, Wisconsin in 1966 as his studio where he created the most significant pieces of his career. His contribution in the arts left a treasure in his Cedarburg community and for the State of Wisconsin.

Paul Yank, "Centaur", monoprint, 38" x 31"

Paul Yank in his studio

Paul Yank, Untitled Torso, metal and stained glass, 46" x 19" x 11" 

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