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For the Love of Cedarburg:

The John W. Koenig Collection


In a city with a culture for historic preservation, John Koenig celebrates his adopted hometown of Cedarburg by annually purchasing several artworks at the Cedarburg Plein Air Event in June.  After his 2003 start for collecting art of Cedarburg, Koenig's collection of plein air paintings has grown to also include paintings that are historic re-creations of earlier times in the city.  More than 35 selected, original artworks demonstrate Koenig's love of Cedarburg, past and present.

This exhibition was supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Artists featured in this exhibition: Laureen Bastion, Paul Bergquist, Thomas Buchs, Geoffrey Butz, Pam Flanders, Stuart Gourlay, Bill Gutzwiller, James Hempel, Elizabeth Lee, Meinard Loppnow, Mort Luby, David Nier, Lee Radtke, Edward Rappold, Larry Seiler, James Milton Smith, Jerry Steingraeber, William A. Suys, Jr., David Westerfield, Kathie Wheeler, Don Yang.

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