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Earth & Water: Sculpture by Teresa Lind

June 10, 2020 -  October 11, 2020

The convergence of femininity and grit is explored through the Cedarburg Art Museum’s summer 2020 sculpture series. Metalsmith Teresa Lind transforms her feminine figures into earth and water goddesses, not only representing these elements, but humanity’s stewardship of them. Open and free to the public, viewers are invited to wonder through the museum’s outdoor sculpture garden to experience the debut of Lind’s new sculpture series,“Earth and Water”.

At the root of Lind’s oeuvre is inspiration found from the strong women who surround her including her students at UW-Whitewater. Her sledge hammer wielding female students exemplify the balance between being feminine and powerful through gritty manual labor. Lind materializes this theme by shaping feminine forms with iron, aluminum and cement. Beyond her comment on femininity, she transfigures her female forms to earth and water goddesses for this series. Lind hopes her work will encourage the viewer to ponder not only what it means to be female, but consider what our responsibilities are as humans to the earth and water.

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