Whimsical Houses

of Ron Corlyn

October 2, 2019 - January 12, 2020


In “The Whimsical Houses of Ron Corlyn,” over a dozen illustrations and three 3-D models of the towering and teetering houses that grew from Corlyn’s imagination are on display. In his early career as a visual artist, Corlyn drew perfectly ordinary Victorian houses until the mid-1970s when he ventured into the realm of his imagination and started drawing “ridiculous pictures of ridiculous houses.” These houses that he deemed architectural jokes are exhibited beside matching 3-D models that borrow skills from his earlier hobby of model railroading.

Ron Corlyn is a Milwaukee native and award-winning artist-photographer-author with an impressive background in the arts. He leapt into the world of sculpture and painting while studying at the Layton School of Art in Milwaukee and then at the University of Wisconsin where he graduated in 1955. Throughout his career, Corlyn worked as a professional photographer and has self-published various children’s books. Complimenting his artwork, one of Corlyn’s children’s books, “The House That Grew,” will be available for purchase throughout the duration of the exhibition.

“The Whimsical Houses of Ron Corlyn” is generously supported by Ansay & Associates.