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Gail Macejkovic: Finding Beauty in the Wisconsin Landscape
August 31 – November 6, 2016

Gail Macejkovic was born and raised in suburban Milwaukee to a creative and artistic family where she was encouraged to pursue her dreams and grow her gifts.  Gail’s favorite gift as a child was a tablet of blank paper and her favorite subject in school was Art.  Later Gail attended UW Platteville with a double major in Art and Spanish, with the full intent of traveling the world.  Many of those plans were put on hold in order to raise her family.  Time now allows Gail to pursue her gifts

Although Gail has travelled abroad, she is always happy to come home because she finds the Wisconsin landscape intriguing.  She has been painting in oils to express her continual quest to create scenes of beauty in the Wisconsin landscape, reflecting peace and a refreshing calm.  Gail enjoys how the medium of oil paint allows her to change her mind after starting and to take advantage of pleasant surprises with what the paint might decide to do.  

Appreciating the beauty and bounty of Wisconsin’s landscape, it is Gail’s desire to capture places and spaces that might draw others in.  The landscape abounds with beauty, reflecting the character of the Creator.  Through her paintings it is her desire for the viewer not only to look at the work, but also to feel it.  Gail is on a continual search for scenes that beckon.


As Henri Nouwen has stated, Gail believes “my greatest vocation is to be a witness to the glimpses of God I’ve been allowed to catch.”

A Boy and His Dog
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