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Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Michael Santini:

An Allegorical Journey

August 30 – November 5, 2017 

Guardians of the Barley

The drawings, paintings, and sculptures of Michael Santini in this exhibition are an allegorical portrayal of the constant spiritual and worldly struggle of good versus evil and how aspects of everyday life can reveal this struggle.  Aspects of contemplation, choice, and accountability, or political and religious strife are themes in Santini’s work.  Drawings provide the framework for paintings which may eventually be worked into molded, composite sculptures.


Santini was once dubbed “the modern medievalist” by the late art critic James Auer because of the hidden meanings in his paintings that imbue moral messages. Santini’s work has won various awards of excellence over a four decade career amidst exhibitions in Tucson, Sante Fe, Brooklyn, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Switzerland, Spain, and France as well as numerous venues in Wisconsin which has been his home since the year 2000. 

L: Michael Santini, Oil on Linen, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum 

R: Michael Santini, Mixed Media Sculpture,  Guardians of the Barley

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