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Kari Sigurdson, Bird

Mixed media, Portal Inc.


Anonymous, YOU Are a Gift to Others,

Mixed media, Balance, Inc.

Jacob Opitz, The Farm

Acrylic, Artistry Oasis, LLC

The Value of Art

May 13 - September 26, 2021

Creating art can be transformative, especially for individuals who utilize art for therapeutic or developmental purposes. The Value of Art exhibition showcases the work of individuals who create art as therapy and for developmental or personal expression. The exhibition artists enjoyed exploring a variety of media and themes in their artwork, while the viewer can find the value of art in its beauty—as well as in the creative process itself.

A multitude of social agencies in our county provide artistic projects for special needs clients. The artwork in this exhibition comes from Kerry Pratt of Artistry Oasis, LLC, Kären Cohen of Balance, Inc., and Renee Schreiner of Portal, Inc., who persevered in creative ways with artistic opportunities for clients despite the disruptions and challenges of COVID-19. Artwork from Ozaukee County Jail Literacy Project, Inc. submitted by Gina Studelska predates the pandemic. These four agencies are proudly showing more than 60 client artworks in this heart-warming presentation. Artists and art therapists Carol Gengler, Erica Huntzinger, Karen McCormick, and Alice Struck helped formulate plans for this exhibition while Kohler Foundation, Inc. graciously provided support for framing and presentation expenses. 


Mary Peshut, Apple

Mixed media, Portal Inc.

Spring Day.jpg

Kevin P. Korinek, Spring Day,

Acrylic, Artistry Oasis, LLC

Pretty Owl.jpg

Ruth A. Haggith, Pretty Owl

Acrylic, Artistry Oasis, LLC

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