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tom kubala: walking through cedarburg

May 13 - August 1, 2021

Reception:  Saturday, July 10 from 2 - 4 PM


In his daily life, Tom Kubala has been a pedestrian observer in Cedarburg for more than 40 years. Over the years, his understanding of the structure of the town, its changes through the year, its flora and fauna, its built realm, and the creek that runs through it has deepened.  Tom’s collection of watercolor paintings in this exhibition is a glimpse of what he has observed and interpreted for the viewer with his trained eye as an architect and painter.                                                         

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Tom Kubala Postcard (Front).png

Mequon Avenue Edges,  Watercolor

Glimpse Of The Creek, Watercolor

Over the Bridge,  Watercolor

Sitting with Cedars,  Watercolor

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