Mary Ulm Mayhew: My Personal Wisconsin

October 21, 2021 - January 9, 2022

Newburg artist Mary Mayhew has traveled the world to paint landscapes and scenes in every season and light, but it is her farm and studio in rural Newburg, Wisconsin where she finds her greatest and most personal inspiration. Mayhew’s paintings elevate the small moments and everyday scenes of rural life: newly harvested produce at a roadside stand, a white farmhouse cast in gold in the setting sun, the neighbor’s Holsteins gathering by a pond on a hot July day.

Mayhew’s uncommon mastery of color and composition allow her to capture the essence of her outdoor subjects. A vibrant and versatile painter, Mayhew easily transitions between working en plein air and in her studio. Though her process may change, she insists that it is always personal. “I strive to evoke emotion for a sense of place, and hope to convey a rich feeling of nostalgia for viewers while inspiring them to give their attention to the simple beauties of life.”

Canoe Kiss.jpeg

Mary Ulm Mayhew, Sunflowers, Oil

Mary Ulm Mayhew, Canoe Kiss, Oil

hens and a barred Rock .jpeg

Mary Ulm Mayhew, Hens and a Barred Rock, Oil