Behind the Book Talk Series

The public is invited to the Cedarburg Art Museum to listen to the authors and contributors of the new publication, A Creative Place: The History of Wisconsin Art and curator of The History of Wisconsin Art Exhibition: A Creative Place as they reveal untold stories of the book.

$8.00 admission per event.

For dates, times, and details, please see below.

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Sunday, April 3, 12 to 1pm 

"Behind the Book: Indigenous Art before the French: 13,000 Years of 'Artists Once Known'"
  with book contributor Robert Boszhardt

Mr. Boszhardt will offer personal background on how his archaeological career reluctantly came to focus on ancient Native American art, leading to his involvement in the Creative Place book. He will review art that has been preserved in mediums of stone, metal, ceramic, and earth sculptures; sharing Wisconsin examples that reflect changes through the many millennia before Europeans arrived.

Thursday, April 14, 6 to 7:30 pm 

"Behind the Book: The Evolution of Art in Wisconsin Throughout the Successive Occupation of More than Four Nations, from 1634 - 1918" with co-author Thomas Lidtke and contributor Fred Schwertfeger

​ The author of these two chapters follows the succession and exponential evolution of art in Wisconsin starting with the beginning presence of European Americans in what is now Wisconsin, and concluding with the war that was to end all wars, Word War One. The vast artistic production in Wisconsin during this time was fueled by an ever expanding number of immigrant artists who choose to settle here, many of whom worked in Wisconsin’s fine and commercial art endeavors. The end of this period was also the beginning of the end of representational realism that for centuries was being  promulgated by European art academies. 

Tuesday, April 19, 6 to 7 pm

"Behind the Book: Collecting Wisconsin's Historic Artwork" with curator Ric Hartman

Curator and avid art collector Ric Hartman will help you get started collecting Wisconsin's historic artwork. He will review things to consider when starting your collection, what to look for when purchasing, and helpful resources you can consult.

Wednesday, May 4, 6 to 7 pm 

"Behind the Book: What I learned about Wisconsin Art" with co-author Annemarie Sawkins

Art in Wisconsin and across the country really exploded after World War II. There were new artistic materials and opportunities. Artists mixed mediums and explored a raft of novel themes and approaches in art. Wisconsin artists were, and continue to be connected to the wider art world. This connection and the rise of women artists will be explored in this "Behind the Book" talk. 

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